Happy Gotcha Day Karma!!!


Two years ago I brought this beautiful girl home for the very first time …. for a “trial” – hahahahahahaha!!!! As if I would ever be able to let this girl go and not do EVERYTHING in my power to make it work. I didn’t sign her “official” adoption papers until mid-April, but who are we kidding? February 28 2015 was the day our hearts became one. (I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but anyone who has ever loved a dog deeply understands what I mean and that this is true.)

My how far this little one has come in two years. I remember the first day I met her, she was stumbling around, not able to walk more than a few feet without falling into a tree…. or a parked car… or just… falling. She was also very meek and afraid of so much – every noise in the house for the first few weeks would send her into hysterical panic barking. I remember taking about five minutes to close the upstairs sliding glass door at night because I needed to do it with out making the slightest noise or she would wake up and howl in fear. She had obsessive chewing behavior when she was scared and although she really has few stumps of teeth left at all, she would chew anything she could find obsessively until she was in a trance and frothing at the mouth. All I could think about was what horrors she had been through and I wanted nothing more than to make her world the happiest, safest, most loved place to be. Two years on and her happy smile and continuing improvements just fill me with joy.


My baby girl is three. Probably a bit over three, but I consider the day she started her new life with me to be her birthday. So many people say that staffies start to “calm down” at three – haha! No sign of that yet!!! I don’t really want my perma-puppy to ever calm down because her excitement and joy are so contagious. No one believes she is three when I meet them out on walks. I know she has the “ungainly puppy wonky walk” because of her disability, but I actually have had people tell me “I think you’re wrong on her age….” who have just met her…. um, yeah, ok, you’re right, how could I possibly not realize I own an immortal permanent puppy that is surely not even a year old yet! OH how I wish she were immortal… how I wish I could have this gorgeous little girl with me forever…

Happy Gotcha Day my beautiful one. You are SO VERY LOVED.

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Karma’s Gotcha Day Ice Cake :)

So mum is a self professed Crazy Dog Mum so she was pretty excited about making me my very own Pup Cake out of ice (since it’s the last week of summer here in Australia!) for my Gotcha Day / Birthday tomorrow!!  Inspired by several other awesome blogs including one from another dog mum who’s puppy is also named Karma!!

( http://hotandcoldrunningmom.blogspot.com.au )

Mum says her first attempt probably didn’t turn out quite as pretty as she wanted it to, but it was YUMMY and ice cold so that’s all that really mattered to me! She looks forward to MANY more attempts over the years 🙂

Here’s a little insight into the making of my ice block cake!!! ❤ Karma

First mum got lots of my favourite healthy snacks – apples, carrots and sweet potato!


Using a small heart cookie cutter she made me lotsa heart shaped love snacks with the apples n yams…. then she made beautiful little flowers out of carrots! NOM NOM!


She used a measuring container to make my cake – just filling it with the smallest bit of water and adding the first layer and letting it freeze for a couple hours!


Full disclosure – mum tried cooking beets for the first time ever cause she wanted to use the beetroot juice to color my hearts…. it was a great idea in concept, but it didn’t quite color as much as she would have liked, and then just made the ice cake pink…. I liked that but mum wasn’t as impressed…

(soaking apple n sweet potato hearts)17035579_10154388462853657_1362920500_n

Mum attached the carrot flowers to the sides using all natural peanut butter (yay!) and even put in some doggy bones! Another layer of water and in the freezer it went!

The final bottom layer is just too delicious (and the one I was the most keen to sink my pup teeth into!) It was natural oats mixed with mashed up banana, puree apple, peanut butter AND natural yogurt! Back in the freezer for the final time…. Can you say OH MY DOG?!?!?

Mum will post pix of me with my yummy cake (and an obscene amount of gotcha day / birthday pix of me of course!) tomorrow!!! YIPPEE!!!!

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Beach Day!

~Mum and I love going to the beach early in the morning when there is no one else there. It’s so peaceful and I can play in the waves and not worry about any other pups running up and knocking me off my feet. My mum gets me to run up and down the beach till I’m all tuckered out (I think SHE might be the one tuckered out!) and then we just hang out and look for dolphins. Sometimes I get bored though cause dolphins aren’t my thing, so I just play with my ball on my own. It’s really our perfect day and makes me feel so lucky to be alive!

❤ Karma

Playing on the beach!

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Hi New Friends!!!!

Gosh, I’ve gotten so much attention over the past couple days cause I had an awesome feature by Savourlife (super nummy Aussie dog snacks that donate 50% of their profit to rescues!!!). If you’re a new friend please check out the menu above to read my Rescue Anniversary (good summary of everything ME!) and “Karma – her story” that my mum wrote. ❤ Karma


Check out Savour Life’s website to see all their great work – and remember to follow me for LOOOOOOTS more Karma (and some mum stuff too! on Insta @embracingkarma  xo


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Throwback Thursday to when mum tried to dress me up all fairy princess girlie!!! (grrrrumble grumble….)

I don’t know when she’s gonna realize what I really wanna do is play in mudpuddles and roll around in dead animals??? Probably eat some possum poo if it’s available???

The things we do to please our pawrents!!!!


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Divorce and a Dog….


It’s been over a year now since my husband and I separated, and I still haven’t “announced it” on social media like facebook or anything until today right here. It was just simply too sad I would sit and cry at the keyboard and dread dealing with the response from everyone we knew. My good friends and family know, of course. I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a very long time because we hadn’t even had Karma a year when it happened, and at the time I had so many questions about what other people had done in similar situations. I feel quite steadfast that my little pup is MY baby, my best friend. My soul mate. I had found her, fallen in love with her, I felt that it was me that had “saved” her.  However her fur dad had also really grown to love her and couldn’t imagine life without her and of course she is crazy about him. I respected that and wanted to do what was best for her too.

Our two cats were easier…  as much as I love them and it broke my heart, it was decided that as I was moving out, they would stay with their fur dad in their home. They are so much more sensitive to moves, and we had already dragged them across the globe from America to Australia… I didn’t want them to have any negative health effects due to another relocation and their fur dad loves them and cares for them so much.

I have been incredibly lucky to rent a house that has a fantastic yard for Karma and although she was very anxious and unhappy the first month or so when she came to visit, now she shows just the same excitement towards my place as she does towards her original “forever home”.  That first month was tough… I kept second guessing myself. She is already a special needs girl and she was very unhappy in a new and strange place. She cried all night and had lots of potty accidents. But yes, she has adapted and now she loves it! I think she also loves that both her parents put even more effort into ensuring she’s happy and spoiled, which means lots of trips to the beach and a ridiculous amount of new toys!


SO – after a few discussions we settled on a rather easy co-custody agreement. I take Karma four days a week (Tue – Saturday morning) and he has her three days (Saturday thru Tue morning).  If either of us wants to take a holiday, it’s also great to know that with her special needs / incontinence there is someone out there that knows exactly how to care for her and love her just right, so we just give each other plenty of heads up and also request any extra days or changes. Just like someone would with a human child 🙂

I’m not sure if this arrangement will stay the same, but for the past eight months or so it has been working rather well.

This has definitely been an extremely challenging time  and of course my blog writing has not been a priority, but I can tell you that our special little Karma is doing better than ever despite a short adjustment period. I can also tell you that sometimes in my darkest hours, the only thing that got me through was this amazing little ball of energy, happiness and love that we named Karma. If anyone else has had a similar experience of separation / divorce and determining what to do with your beloved furbaby I’d love to hear about it and how you handled it in the comments.

Thanks to all of you who love Karma and continue to want to hear about her – it means a lot!


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Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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SantaPaws little Helper


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Pup Pops!

the weather is heating up here in Australia, so mum got me a new water toy (yippee!) a new treat toy (yay!) AND she made me some super yummy pup pop ice blocks for those hot days! i LOVE licking them and it cools me off too! she put in my favourites – a little peanut butter, strawberries and blueberries! she said it was good enough for her to eat herself so she better add a couple little puppy snacks so she resists the temptation! into the freezer they go! AH ROO ROO ROO!




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