good karmaIt’s very difficult for me to write about or even think about the first year of Karma’s life. I know it must have been very difficult for her, and I know she went through some very dark and difficult days. But any details I can assign are only of my own imagination, so I will just give you the facts of how I found my little precious girl.

The truth is, the timing wasn’t even right, I was going on holiday to Europe in a month, and I had given up searching for the perfect dog. But then a friend of mine on the Central Coast kept sharing facebook posts of furbabies looking for homes, and I finally succumbed and I emailed Elise at Gosford Dog Paws. From the very first message, Elise was AMAZING. I let her know that I loved Staffordshire Terriers (Staffys as we call them here in Australia) and that I wanted a little girl. Elise suggested a couple of dogs, and one of them was “Precious” (our future Karma). It was so difficult to even read some of the things that Elise told me about her life.

First, her abuser never even had a name for her – he only referred to her as “the black one“. Precious was the name given to her by the rescue.  Precious was terribly abused, was extremely malnourished and had a fractured spine. She had difficulty walking normally, which the vets thought may be a result of her spinal injury. Elise said “she came from a horrid situation of being chained up and was emaciated her whole life.” They had done x rays, and DNA tests etc, all of which the vets had said her condition will never change. Although the vets she had seen couldn’t say for certain why she had such difficulty walking, they also speculated it could be cerebellar hypoplasia, which can be caused by malnutrition. Or it could simply be a brain injury sustained at birth or from her abuser. Elise said “It is kind of like cerebral palsy in a dog. But, she has improved so much, when we first got her in she couldn’t stand or lift her head. We have done all the tests necessary for Precious and this hasn’t affected the way of her being able to lead a normal, happy and pain free life.”

She was rescued in October but it wasn’t until the following February that she was healthy enough to be considered for adoption. They estimated she was a year old at the time.

There was a video of Precious on the Gosford Dog Paws facebook page, and I cried every time I watched it:


Gosford Dog Paws has just done such incredible and wonderful things for our four legged friends – I truly cannot say enough about all the magnificent work they do!

some photos of Karma (then Precious) after she was first rescued by GDPs.

some photos of Karma (then Precious) after experiencing some TLC (and food! ) at GDPs

The first time I met “Precious” I knew she was the one.  She had the most apologetic personality – as if SHE were to blame for the abuse she had suffered. She was so loving and sweet and timid, and you could see the pain and suffering she had endured reflected in her eyes. By the time I got in the car to drive home I was already plotting the conversation with my husband of how I could get this gorgeous girl in to our home and give her the chance at the happiness she deserved.

Bringing this little special girl home was a massive decision…. our life would change in so many ways.  There were many long discussions and a few sleepless nights and finally the agreement that we would “trial” her to determine if our home would suit her and if we would be the right fit for her.

This is the story of our journey with Karma, and how we embraced her into our home and what an amazing and special gift she has been. We hope it inspires others to rescue or volunteer or at least spread a little good karma.

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2 Responses to Karma – HER STORY

  1. What a beautiful dog. To hear what she’s been through is heartbreaking, but knowing she has you to love her now is just so wonderful to hear. I like the way you explain you hadn’t set out to find a dog at that particular time; it’s often the times we’re not looking for something, that the best surprises show up. Looking forward to following your story together.

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    • Thanks so very much, Sarah! Really looking forward to following your adventures as well – sounds like we have a few things in common! (dogs, of course, and a health issue that prompted a big change!) Everything happens for a reason, or so I’d like to think so anyway 🙂


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