Sentient Beings…

Ready for some goosebumps? Woke up this morning and the very first post I see in my facebook feed is this image:


First, I get the boomerang – you get what you give, it will all come back to you, etc. But I guess since I’m an American living in Australia that sort of hit me, especially with the word KARMA right in the middle of it.  I just felt like the forces were at work here. So then I  do an internet search for “sentient beings” since let’s be honest – I don’t really understand what that means.  The second one down (from says “Examples from the web for sentient: Dogs are amazing and capable sentient beings, ones that deserve life as much as or maybe even more than their human companions. The world is amazing and magical. I sat in awe at my computer and cried and I knew that Karma had come into our lives and all we could do was embrace her.

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