missing you like crazy….

Ok girls – you know when you’re in love (and i mean, like over the moon, heart fluttering can’t think about anything else in LOVE) and you see a crumpled shirt of your guys laying on the floor (cause really, you know it’s laying on the floor) and you pick it up and instead of thinking “wish he’d pick up his damn shirts” you bring it up slowly to your nose, close your eyes and just inhale the amazing scent that is him and only him? Yeah – well, I just found myself wandering around the house picking up Karma’s toys and tidying up and I saw her crumpled blankie laying on the ground…. and the next thing I knew I had it up to my nose, my eyes closed and I was smelling that wonderful amazing smell that is – MY DOG.   She always smells so clean and good, and when I have her in my arms all I want to do is snuggle into her doggy smell. Yes, I am in love.

I dropped off my sweet girl yesterday back to Gosford Dog Paws for her three weeks stay while we go on our pre-planned holiday to Europe. The entire hour drive down there I talked incessantly to her. I’m pretty glad I’m not on one of those bad reality shows where they have the camera in the car because it would have made for some good/bad viewing. I was babbling on to her about how it was all going to be OK, how she was such a good girl, how we hated to leave her and we were absolutely going to be back before she knew it and she had to know she had a forever home with us. I may have also sung her a few cheesy songs: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”.  Karma, meanwhile, was oblivious to everything and happily napped in the back seat. She may have rolled her eyes when I sang.

When we arrived at GDP, I started to get that lump in my throat and was having some serious doubts about everything. That is, until I became “THE HOLLYWOOD HANDLER”.

Miss Karma immediately recognized her locale, and waited patiently while I picked her up and lifted her out of the car. And then she high tailed it (no pun intended) for the front door of GDP faster than I’ve ever seen her little wonky legs move before. When I opened the front door, it was TRULY like she was a Hollywood star and was walking down the red carpet…. her adoring fans squealing and calling out her name. I think there were at least five or six staff and volunteers that were just checking in at the front desk, and they all went crazy when they saw her. And it’s safe to say that SHE went crazy when she saw them.  If you could just picture the happiest little doggy reunion in your head, with massive amounts of entire body wiggling and wagging on the floor and insane amounts of licking and her famous one paw shake-pat hello – that was Karma. Her Hollywood Handler (aka me) just stood back a bit, making sure the fans didn’t get too out of control, and thinking in a very proud inside voice ‘this girl is going to make it’.

She hardly gave me a backwards glance as she happily wiggled off in that adorable little sideways walk of hers. They all love her there (as they do ALL those gorgeous and amazing rescue dogs) and I know she will get heaps of attention and snuggles while she’s in their care. But that doesn’t mean I will miss her any less.

Missing you like crazy sweet little Precious Karma. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms again soon. We love you!!!!

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