Special Delivery!

Karma just received the most gorgeous new dog tag in the mail today! It was a special order all the way from America! It features the OM symbol and is etched in brass.

karma ohm tag

We think it’s just about the most beautiful and special creation.  Wendy at Tag Me! Pet Tags was also just SO fantastic about helping with this custom tag! Super fast email communication and she also sent over a proof so I could review and choose from two different designs for the “special needs” wording on the back. THANK YOU WENDY!


Now if Karma should ever get lost, we know whomever finds her will treat her with care and get her back to us as soon as possible!  She already feels more serene and meditative wearing her OM symbol. We thought the symbol would be perfect for our rescue pup, since she’s had such issues with anxiety and stress and OCD and we want to make her feel as relaxed and at peace as possible in her new home.

From Tag Me! Pet Tag’s Etsy shop:

Om (also spelled as Aum) is written in Sanskrit and is a sacred Hindu sound. It is considered the greatest of all mantras.

The syllable is made up of the three sounds a-u-m, each representing 3 important parts, the 3 worlds (earth, atmosphere, heaven), 3 major Hindu gods (Vishnu, Siva, and Brahma) and the 3 Vedic Scriptures. By the combination of all three, it represents the essence of the entire universe.

The 4 parts of the Om symbol represents the 4 stages of consciousness: Awake, asleep, dreaming and the transcendental state.

The chanting of Om is powerful and is said to drive away all thoughts and removes distraction, while giving your body energy and brings peace to your mind.

It seems to be working already!


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