she’ll never…..

Life with a disabled / special needs dog is all about the baby steps. Everything is measured in the smallest improvements and they take place over months (and I suspect years) instead of hours or days.

When we first brought Karma home for her ‘trial’ period to see if our home would work with her disability, both my husband and I had doubts. We spent a lot of time and effort making our home “Karma safe” so she wouldn’t hurt herself.Ā  When she wasn’t able to get up our (human) disabled ramp, we tried several different things before we finally found that the stick-on grit strips would give her the grip she needed to get up easily… and something she wouldn’t eat!

Of course we thought a lot about what we thought she just wouldn’t ever be able to do. She was still so weak and off balance when we had her for the first month that we had a running list of “she’ll never’s” and we had to be ok with them and determine how to help her through life with these limitations.

She’ll never be able to go up stairs… so we have to get her special side access into the back yard.

She’ll never be able to go up or down our steep driveway… so we’ll always have to carry her or take her in the car.

She’ll never be able to get in or out of the car by herself… so we have to lift her.

We’ll never be able to go for a walk with her like we could with a “normal” dog…. when we first took her to the park our goal was to get to the tree 20 yards away and back.

Well, now I know where the term dogged comes from – and whomever invented that word must have had a Staffy.

dogged definition

Every word on this list describes our special little girl. She falls a thousand times, and she never falters in bouncing straight back up again. She’ll run for her ball – and somehow smashes herself sideways into a tree five feet away…. we wince as we know it must hurt but she is focused and resolute in success and rarely do you see her pause. She has the biggest heart – and yes, she is extremely stubborn and strong-willed!

She’s had six weeks of healthy diet, daily exercise and massages (wait – sounds like the perfect life, doesn’t it!?) and the improvements have been ASTOUNDING.

She’s mastered all the stairs in and around our house with her steadfast dedication. Though up is easier than down — darn you, gravity!

She goes for short walks now and that includes carefully going down – and BOUNCING up our driveway!

She still needs help in and out of the car, but just in the last week she’s found the balance to sit up and look out the window! Nope, didn’t think she’d ever do that either.

She is just amazing, and we never say “she’ll never” again because she has such determination that we feel there is no limit to what she will be able to do in time.

jake and karma

Karma and her best friend Jake after a long day of playing

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8 Responses to she’ll never…..

  1. Oh I just love Karma. And her friend Jake. We have a handicapped dog also. Max, a purebred (actually inbred) puppy mill rottie with three paws and as a result spinal deformity and walking imbalance. He’s no idea he’s handicapped and is a happy little guy. His dog sister Bella is also a rescue with a serious chronic illness that we keep under control with immunosuppressive meds. They love each other and are a wonderful part of our family. Can’t imagine life without them. Long way for me to say I understand and so appreciate you’re loving Karma and helping. Paulette

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    • How wonderful to hear your story, Paulette! What a great life and family you’ve given Max and Bella! I loved what you said about Max – Karma has no idea she’s handicapped either! So happy to have “met” you and look forward to hearing more about your pups!

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  2. Leanne says:

    She has spunk and it is so wonderful to see her so happy and a boyfriend too! Love this girl so much it makes my heart sing that she’s living the life she deserves šŸ˜˜

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    • She’s such a spoiled little happy girl, Leanne! I still can’t believe when I meet people who have the nerve to say something like “maybe they should have put her down” or something insanely cruel like that… she is living the happiest, healthiest life and it is thanks to you and all her “fan base” for loving her, believing in her and giving her a chance at this life. xo


  3. Anonymous says:

    absolutely amazing videos. She is such a special girl and so amazing that she has found a friend to play with, Jake is wonderful. Karma is so darling as she doesn’t even know that she is different and just figures out a way and keeps right on going. Her determination is incredible. She is looking very good also.

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  4. Cindy says:

    What a courageous dog! Loved the videos. šŸ’œ

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