i’m waiting.

left alone all day. i don’t like it.

i’m still learning how to ‘be’ in my new home.

i miss them.

they had to do what they does

i think mum called it work?

i don’t like it.

but maybe when mum gets home,

(tail wag) we gets to play!?

she might even take me for – for a

(ears perk) walk!

we might even see a bunny!!

and… and … maybe…

(stands up) they might take me for a

BYE BYE in the car!!!

to the park! the park! (tail wagging)

but (lays back down) maybe she will get mad

’cause i chewed up the

(licks lips) hose that i thought was a snake….

((i was really sure it was a snake))

and maybe i will get sent to

(puts head down) beddie.

and maybe…. wait! WHAT’S THAT?

is it? YES! the car is comin’

up the driveway!

and is it? my mommy?!?!

(stands up) IT IS! and she’s

(tail starts to wag) SMILING!

oooh boy! she’s getting out!


ooops… she saw the chewed up hose…

(tail tucks between legs) ((HE used to get so mad at me at my other home….))

wait! she isn’t mad! she isn’t going to hurt me!

they aren’t EVER going to hurt me!

my mommy!

she’s laughing!

now she’s calling me!

here i come!!

(tail and body are wriggling)

did i hear what she said?

go for a walk? yes!!!! and what?

she loves me?? she missed me so much??

and i’m the happiest girl.


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