We have a little bone to pick

Ode to the woman we met walking her little energetic pup in the park (off lead).

First, when we are out walking (on a lead) AND my pup is wearing her “I’m Disabled” harness, perhaps you could not let your pup run at full strength and knock my pup to the ground?

My pup might not appreciate it, and yes, she might give a little yelp or a growl. I mean, I don’t really appreciate being knocked off my feet unexpectedly either.

Secondly, I expected you to ask “What’s wrong with her?” as nearly every person we meet asks us that. That’s OK, and I like telling people about Karma.

But when the next words out of your mouth are:

“Well I think you should just have her put down” you must understand that it took everything in me to smile at you and have a normal conversation with you.

“She’s HAPPY and in no pain” I smile and say.

“Oh, but I just can’t stand to see her walk that way” you say.

“Many humans have disabilities that may change their gait, and we don’t suggest they be put down?” I (stiffly) smile and say.

“I just don’t think you’re doing the right thing” you say.

We part ways, as my smile was not going to last much longer and Karma and I went home to discuss this little interaction. (And eat some ice cream, I’m not going to lie.)

We really hope we meet up with you again some day, because Karma just had this to say:

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6 Responses to We have a little bone to pick

  1. Me says:

    That is absolutely disgusting. Really impressed you handled it so well, and that photo of Karma is adorable πŸ™‚

    I get ticked off when people let their off lead dogs run at either of my dogs, and I don’t even have to worry too much about my two being bowled over / hurt!

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    • Thanks so much for your comment – it’s always amazing to me how people can ignore 20 signs that say “NO Off Leash” and then act indignant when you say something about it. I find it’s usually best to just move as quickly as Karma can take us in the other direction πŸ™‚

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  2. What a lovely encounter in every way, not.


  3. Cindy says:

    Some folks just assume that if life isn’t perfect, it isn’t worth living. Dogs, more than any other animal, prove that this is not so.

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