WHO KNEW?!?!?!

I’ve been dying to post these photos of our girl!!! If you’ve read much about Karma, you know she has fecal and urinary incontinence.  We’ve always had our dogs in the house and it’s been horrible not being able to let our sweet baby hang out with us inside all the time. Well, of course I knew they had those throw away doggie diapers at the pet store but they’re so expensive and only good for a one time use.  But a few Google searches later and yup, who knew – there are the cutest array of washable doggy panties / pants out there?!?!?!

Ok, so the first attempt to purchase was a disaster. Checked out the measurements on Ebay, carefully double checked with the measuring tape on Karma…  ordered a LARGE. Purchase arrived from China three weeks later.

dog panties

HMMMMM….. errrrrr….. that’s not going to work.

Second attempt we ordered from a supplier right here in Australia. Ordered off Ebay again – purchase arrived three days later!

GAH! THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also ordered a large in these, and yeah, they are a smidgen too big, so I’ll probably end up ordering a medium too, but we’ve already had a poo “accident” while wearing them and it was all perfectly contained. YAY! SUCCESS!!!!! And even better – HOUSE FREEDOM!!!

dog panties pants on karma dog panties on karma P1220748

Karma is feeling a tiny bit self conscious, so any words of encouragement you may have would be wonderful and we’ll be sure to share with her!

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7 Responses to WHO KNEW?!?!?!

  1. I think you should have a chat with Tracy over at ohmelvin.com. Her dog, Jake, has to wear diapers as well, and she has hit the jackpot on cool designs! Can’t wait to follow along on all your adventures 🙂

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  2. Me says:

    Oh god, the cuteness!! 🙂

    There are some amazing things out there…we looked into buying chicken nappies for my incredibly awesome hen, Milly. In the end I thought it’d be too annoying to put off / on every time I brought her indoors, so she just came into the house when my mum was at work and I could clean up any “accidents” before she got back XD

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    • what??? I need to Google pictures of chicken nappies ASAP! I’m giggling already! Hugs to you and awesome little Milly!x


    • Me says:

      Chicken nappies look freakin’ hilarious, and they come in some really cool patterns / colours!

      Unfortunately Milly isn’t with us anymore 😦 She was such an incredible hen, and I was so lucky to have her for six wonderful years. During my teenage years she was like the dog I could never have haha!

      This is a photo of me and the Millybobs, back when I was about 15 🙂

      Thank you!

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    • awwww, makes me want one SO badly!!! she was so lucky to you YOU ❤


    • Me says:

      Haha I wonder what Karma would think if you got some feather friends??

      Kasper sees chickens as a tasty snack, but I think Zoey would try play with a chicken and accidental injury to the hen would occur…then she might eat it. They’re not particularly ‘little pet friendly’ 😛

      Thank you ❤

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