Oh my GOODNESS! What a big day for Karma! She got a visit from Famous Beck! As in…. that cute dog lovin’ friend of ours featured on the bag of Karma’s most very favourite doggy treats! Yes, for real!!! AND what makes a visit from Famous Beck even better??? When she shows up with a brand new bag of liver cookies for little Karma! Yup, our precious girl was SO over the moon! Beck even went to the park with us for a walk! YIPPEE!!!!!  Unfortunately our dear Beck did not bring Famous Lewis, her unbelievably gorgeous and huge furbaby that Karma often swoons over from his picture on the treat bag. Lewis’s mum was a bit afraid that 64kg Lewis may accidentally smoosh our little 18kg Karma. Maybe next time, Famous Beck?!? Pretty please?!? ❤


“Can I have the whole bag, mum?”


“I’ll just grab the bag while they’re taking this silly selfie…”

Famous Beck & Lewis!!!

Famous Beck & Lewis!!!

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