Not a happy day…


My little sweet babygirl had to go in for dental surgery today, so any positive thoughts and warm wishes would be very appreciated. Her teeth were so broken and rotted out when she was first rescued, and she underwent a lot of work at the vet to get them in salvageable condition last year, but they are still so bad it causes her pain and they sometimes bleed when she eats and chews on her toys. All this is from her breaking them off on the chain that held her to the same spot for the first year of her life, and the malnutrition and starvation she suffered.

P1220944 P1220964

She’ll have three teeth extracted and additional work done to make her as comfortable as possible. We’ll update once she’s back to her quirky happy little self!

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4 Responses to Not a happy day…

  1. Lots of love, hugs and positivity being sent to Karma (& you!) from across the pond. Hopefully some short term pain will mean long term pain free in the end. Get well soon.

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  2. Bless you for taking good care of her. Sending good thoughts and know she’s in great loving hands. Love, Paulette


  3. Sending good vibes for Karma! Hugs too!


  4. Dan says:

    Positive thoughts for Karma today! I believe treats are in order when you feel better!!


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