Bush Walks and Baby Kangaroos!

First, apologies for our absence! We’ve had friends visiting from America (weeee!!!!) and also not much time for getting online since **SPRING** has finally arrived to Australia! The weather has been amazing and Karma has been out having all sorts of adventures!

dog in the bush

Looking out over Lake Macquarie, NSW

Our little Karma has been getting SO strong! I remember when we thought she’d never even be a dog we’d be able to take for walks, and now each day she’s going a little further and just like every other dog “go for a walkie” is becoming one of her favourite things!


Take time to smell the flowers….



The beautiful red Bottle Brush  and the Golden Wattle have the air buzzing with happy bees! And the ground is covered with these lovely little wild flowers – I’m not sure if they are a crocus but they are everywhere and wonderful!


Karma also had to check out this amazing Gymea lily that was in bloom. The plant is indigenous to just this area of NSW near Sydney, and has a bloom stem that reaches up to 6 meters high with bright red flowers on the top.  We weren’t quite game enough to get a closer look as we also spied a baby red bellied black snake this same day (YEEKS!) and thought it best to stay on the trail! (no photo of venomous snake – yay!)

Gymea lily

Gymea lily

And I would be remiss if I didn’t include some photos of the gorgeous little baby roos we were able to see while our friends were here visiting.  We are lucky enough to live near a reserve type area where hundreds of “wild” kangaroos live, though tourists come from all over the world to see them (and feed them) so they are not very wild at all.  They eat carrots and apples or even rabbit food that you get from a pet store (but never bread as it can kill them).

**Karma was not invited along on this photo shoot but she did ask for a baby kangaroo for Christmas. We’re not clear on her motives, however!

P1230069 P1230039 P1230057P1150848 P1230064

Now how is that for a little mid week cuteness?

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3 Responses to Bush Walks and Baby Kangaroos!

  1. Susan Hocking says:

    Hi Stephanie Great post! I had missed your posts & suspected KARMA was still having problems from her trip to the dentist so it’s good to hear she’s well. Looks like she enjoyed her’walkies’! Those little flowers look like FREESIAS to me? They should have a strong ‘HONEYSUCKLE’ like fragrance because the wild ones (and the ones you can grow at home) have a strong fragrance but the ones you buy at the florist never do because they are ‘hot house’ grown. Lovely that you’ve had friends down from the US & I bet they loved KARMA Take care Sue Hocking (still regretting not being Karma’s sitter!) 🌻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Me says:

    Your girl is sooo beautiful 🙂

    And omb, baby kangaroo cuteness!!

    Liked by 1 person

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