the little things in life


The last few weeks Karma has been strong enough to balance herself to look out the car window. Not a big deal for most dogs, but a major achievement for this pup. Oh to have a world of smells suddenly rushing past your nose! BLISS!!!


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2 Responses to the little things in life

  1. Me says:


    Just a quick message to say I am nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award – congratulations! Feel free to check out this post to see the ‘rules’ of the award 🙂

    Also, please don’t feel pressured to devote a post to this award or follow the rules, you really don’t need to…just know that I have nominated your blog because I like it and think it’s awesome 😀

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  2. Susan Hocking says:

    Hi Stephanie I’m so glad that Karma is currently well and obviously much stronger to be able to sit up and ‘enjoy the ride!’ Go Karma! Sue Hocking🌻

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