It’s never too early to start picking out your Halloween costume!

Of course, our two expat cats Cleo & Mojo have had to put up with their American mum celebrating Halloween for their entire lives, but Halloween hasn’t quite caught on to the feverish pitch that it takes on in the States, so Karma was not as excited as mum about possible costumes.

First mum pushed the idea of a bunny, because really, is there anything as cute as your sweet as pie puppy with bunny ears?  Karma was less than thrilled about this…

bunny1 bunny2 bunny3 bunny4

HMMMMMMMMMMM………  not so crazy about the bunny costume, Karma?


And so, then I got into the actual spirit of Halloween. What do you dress up for on Halloween? The character that really you do NOT embody on an everyday basis! Something that is completely out of character, but let’s face it – when you are wearing that costume, you just look darn good. I approached Karma with this idea, and guess what? We have a winner!!!

I think she just makes the cutest Tasmanian Devil I’ve ever seen! Naturally we still have a few more weeks to try out some more ideas, but I think this one might be the “chicken dinner winner”!!!

"Do I look fierce, Mum?"

“Do I look fierce, Mum?”

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1 Response to It’s never too early to start picking out your Halloween costume!

  1. Me says:

    HAHAHA omb I especially love the last two photos! ❤


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