a post from the pooch…

hi everyone! Karma here…. my mum has been super busy (she just got back from a big trip to America and is actually headed back AGAIN in a few weeks!) and she asked me to update the blog myself with any news i may have. SO here goes… things have been going really great. it’s winter in Australia and i like the cold so much more than the heat so i have so much more energy!  my strength is growing every day and unlike six months ago when i could hardly show my tail emotions, these days i wag my tail ALLA the time!!! i’m so happy i just can’t contain it! and the big news is – i have a boyfriend!!! mum keeps telling me to not get too excited… to take things slow and not wear my heart on my paw… but i just can’t help it! his name is Ziggy and he’s DREAMY! i’ll try n update more when i can pull myself away from his side! xx




hangin at the beach

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2 Responses to a post from the pooch…

  1. Me says:

    Awww Karma, you’re a beaut and such a pretty couple ^__^

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