it’s SPRING!

Karma here! gosh it’s been awhile since my mum has been on here. She went thru some ruff times but I’ve been keeping her spirits up by improving EVERY DAY and giving her lots of staffy kisses!

Spring is in the air and I’ve been busy playing in all the beautiful flowers (ok, maybe waiting for treats in the flowers….)


Mum took me to the beach and I know I’ve been a bit insecure and needy lately, but she made a vow to me that no matter what she would never ever let me go. I’m her special girl and she’ll always take care of me and will love me forever.


Sorry we’ve been absent for so long. Mum’s put me in charge and OH YEAH! I’M IN CHARGE!!! AH ROO ROO ROOO!!!!!!


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2 Responses to it’s SPRING!

  1. Wonderful photos. Hope you’re doing better and that doggie love is helping you. Sending special cyber hugs to you both. Paulette ❤

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