SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!! (rescue anniversary)

OMGOSH! my mum surprised me with the most fun day i’ve ever had!!!  i don’t know what i did to deserve it cause i don’t think it’s my birthday but i just had the best time!!!


i was actually a little bit overwhelmed when mum let me into the back yard and i found a hundred balls magically appeared! it was a little scary at first cause i don’t like change much, but after i realized i could bite them and mum got down on the ground with me i relaxed and decided to try n bite them all!!!!

i thought that was just the coolest!!!!


AND THEN… mum said we were going to go for a bye bye ride in the car! and we went to the beach!!! the beach is my favourite place cause i get to run free and dig dig dig AND chase that squeaky green ball that is always going in the big water! i do NOT like the big water – it is loud and tastes bad and tries to eat my ball!!! but i’m a clever girl and i can always get my ball with out ever getting the nasty tasting water on my paws!


such a dog dreamy day!



SO happy and so tired…. i hope i get lots more special days like this! thanks to everyone for sharing in my adventures! life is good x

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6 Responses to SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!! (rescue anniversary)

  1. Your momma is the BEST and I LOVE HER. LOVE YOU TOO but this celebration of your rescue day shows how much love she has in her heart. My holiday wish is that the love helps her feel good daily, feel really good. We loved watching the videos. Thank you for sharing your very special relationship with the rest of us. You know us dog lovers out here totally relate. Happy holiday time and may 2017 be filled with days of laughter and peaceful nights. ❤

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  2. chris says:

    what a perfect day to celebrate your anniversary!!


  3. Wow it looks like you are digging your way to see Easy in France. Love Nellie, Jasper and Itai, the three bestest maremmas in all the land.

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