Pup Pops!

the weather is heating up here in Australia, so mum got me a new water toy (yippee!) a new treat toy (yay!) AND she made me some super yummy pup pop ice blocks for those hot days! i LOVE licking them and it cools me off too! she put in my favourites – a little peanut butter, strawberries and blueberries! she said it was good enough for her to eat herself so she better add a couple little puppy snacks so she resists the temptation! into the freezer they go! AH ROO ROO ROO!




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2 Responses to Pup Pops!

  1. chris says:

    those pup pop bowls are a fantastic idea. Heading into winter here in Toronto so I’ll have to remember these next spring. My 2 pups (Darcy and Kera) would love them, too. Enjoy, Karma!

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