Time to GIVE back!


So this post has been a LONG time in the making… I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for awhile… HOW can I give back? What can I do to help the rescue cause?? Karma has been the inspiration for SO much these past two years, and I knew I just needed to do SOMETHING.

I’m starting a “Recycled Clothes for Rescue Dogs” program! Similar to the Salvation Army shops, I’ll take old bandanas, dog shirts, and costumes (yay for the unicorns and teddy bear ears!) and then donate them to dress up rescues for photographs so it makes them more appealing for adoption! I’m happy to either just donate some items as LONG as they are utilized in future pet rescue photos OR what I’d really like to do personally is use the props (unicorn/hats, dog bowties etc) and if the shelter allows I am willing to donate time to dress up and photograph! Dressed up dog pix have been successful previously in drawing in extra attention, but they DO take patience and time as these are rescue dogs – often timid or scared. But the photos of them with a goofy little hat or flower headband could make all the difference in getting their future mum or dad into the car and to the shelter to meet and fall in love with them!!! I’ve already been talking to two rescues that are keen on the idea!!

Shelters around the world are overflowing with millions of dogs… and because of the insanity that is BSL (breed specific legislation) and the media’s demonization of all the pit bull breeds they are often the ones filling the cages. So what if we could do something that would help break down the stereotype as well and encourage more people to give them a chance as a new family member?? My idea is NOT polarized to just the pit bull / staffy breeds – ALL rescue dogs should be included, but Karma and these beautiful happy dogs that are so often misunderstood are the ones that were the inspiration.

EmbracingKarma is your chance to give back. And it doesn’t cost a thing other than perhaps a little postage! If you are interested in donating items please DM me on Instagram @embracingkarma or you can email us at embracingkarma@outlook.com and we can discuss drop off or posting options!

I’ll personally be donating several things just from Karma’s closet but would be great to build it up for more variety, Β more shelters, and also have some boy specific items as well πŸ™‚

My hope is to do our first photo shoot in the next month or two and I am HOPING that our first two models will be Karma’s brothers – the gorgeous Dawson & Domino currently being cared for at Staffy Rescue ( http://www.staffyrescue.org.au/ ). They have been in rescue for TWO YEARS and we desperately want to find them the wonderful and loving homes that they so deserve.

Obviously this is for Australian dogs but we also would highly encourage anyone in other countries to consider donating your old pup items to your local rescue as well. They are almost always in need of dog jackets, beds, blankets and of course toys and clothes.

Wrap up notes:

I must give a shout out to the gorgeous Malibu and her amazing mom (Instagram @malibusmama and on https://dogly.com/malibusmama !) who inspired me so much with her stories of having Malibu wear pretty bandanas to break down pit bull stereotypes when they went out for walks! Thank you! ❀


We were recently gifted this AMAAAAZING tote and bandana which was made especially for my very special little girl. Simply as a gift from the very generous ladies at Molly & Lola Co because they read Karma’s story. I’m OBSESSED with the print and the day I received these I broke down crying and I knew it was a sign I needed to push myself to put my little plan into action. PLEASE go visit these ladies at https://www.facebook.com/mollyandlolaco/ and check out their wonderful creations! ❀


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2 Responses to Time to GIVE back!

  1. chris (toronto) says:

    What an excellent idea! I look forward to following your new adventure and wish you much success. I try to do my bit and work with a few organizations that do rescue drives bringing animals in danger to safe rescue. In fact, am driving tomorrow. A 5 month old pup. Those are the ones that are difficult to resist! Good thing I already have a full house. πŸ™‚ You’ve got the perfect model in Karma.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH thank you thank you Chris!!! I so hope it goes well and I always say that even if I can save one life then my time and efforts are not wasted! I think it’s fantastic you drive rescues to a safe place. Hope it went well with the little pup – haha, I bet it’s very difficult to resist indeed πŸ˜‰ You’re amazing!


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