Embracing Karma Project

Well, Karma and I have been absent from our blog for a long time – and we’re so sorry we’ve been away! Turns out when you take on a not for profit project helping dogs, and you already HAVE a very special (handicapable!) pup already, life can get a little out of control! We try and keep up to date on our Instagram @embracingkarma and also our facebook page (same name) so please visit us there for daily little snippets of life with Karma! 🙂

Our Embracing Karma Project has been going really good! It’s “Recycled Clothes for Rescue Dogs”. Similar to the Salvation Army shops, we’ll take gently used bandanas, dog shirts, and costumes and then donate them to dress up rescues for photographs so it makes them more appealing for adoption!

Results? IT WORKS!!!


We have been able to team up Embracing Karma with Allira Fontana Photography and Rescue Hub and the focus has been on dogs located at Hawkesbury Pound – a very high kill shelter in Western Sydney, Australia. We’ve also been working with Dog Rescue Newcastle. In addition we have made numerous donations of gently used (and new!) dog jackets and jumpers to over eight separate rescues, as well as an organisation in Newcastle, Australia that donates blankets and jackets to dogs belonging to the homeless.

We just wanted to take a moment and share some photos of some of the many dogs photographed wearing donated items for Embracing Karma, and let you know that although a few of these beautiful dogs have found homes, MANY of them are still waiting for their forever family. Many of the dogs shown here are located at Hawkesbury Pound and you can find out more about them from the Rescue Hub website at http://rescuehub.com.au/


Some of the gorgeous dogs from Dog Rescue Newcastle!!!

And finally – here’s a look at the MASSIVE amount of donations we have received so far (and this isn’t even everything!?!?) so we’d like to take the time to say THANK YOU so much for everyone who has gotten behind our project and have sent all these wonderful items – our heart is so full.


Steph & Karma ❤



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