about me


hi! i’m stephanie – welcome to my blog!

about me –  i went to a one room school house in montana, usa (yes! they still exist!) but did experience world travel at a young age thanks to my dad, who was a cancer research specialist. we traveled to africa, hong kong, thailand, much of europe and we even lived in riyadh, saudi arabia for two years. i currently live in new south wales, australia on the beautiful lake macquarie – the largest salt water lake in the southern hemisphere. all of these experiences have left me with a small town mountain girl heart but a wandering gypsy soul.

when i was introduced to Karma (at that time she was called Precious by her rescuers) so many people asked questions about her and fell in love with her sweet and forgiving personality.  i knew she deserved her very own blog. she really is one special girl. i have no specific dog training experience other than i have always had an array of dogs (and cats, horses, cows, rabbits,  mud puppies, birds, etc) in my life. any opinions expressed are purely that and i have no “professional” experience in animal health care or well being. i just love them and do the best i can to give my fur babies the very best life they can have!

embracing karma

embracing karma

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