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hi everyone! Karma here…. my mum has been super busy (she just got back from a big trip to America and is actually headed back AGAIN in a few weeks!) and she asked me to update the blog myself with any news i may have. SO here goes… things have been going really great. it’s winter in Australia and i like the cold so much more than the heat so i have so much more energy!  my strength is growing every day and unlike six months ago when i could hardly show my tail emotions, these days i wag my tail ALLA the time!!! i’m so happy i just can’t contain it! and the big news is – i have a boyfriend!!! mum keeps telling me to not get too excited… to take things slow and not wear my heart on my paw… but i just can’t help it! his name is Ziggy and he’s DREAMY! i’ll try n update more when i can pull myself away from his side! xx




hangin at the beach

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Some dogs are bred to hunt for truffles….

MY dog was BORN to hunt sweet potatoes!!!

What a talented girl!!!

We made some super yummy doggy snacks from all of these sweet potatoes by slicing them up and baking them in the oven! Karma loves them and they’re so healthy for her too – all natural!


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“NAILED IT, MUM! (ah rooo roo rooo!)”

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Birthday & Adoption Anniversary!!! (a trip to Gosford Dog Paws!)

SUPER big post today!!! It’s been one YEAR since Karma came into our lives…. although of course we don’t know when her real birthday is I had always known that her new life started when she came home with us, so February 28th was her “official” 2nd birthday! We had ALSO decided long ago that on the anniversary of her adoption, we would take her back down to Gosford Dog Paws to see all the amazing volunteers and saviors who rescued her from near death and a life of abuse, starvation and torture and nursed her back to health so she could come into our life.  I had asked a bunch of my friends if they would be willing to donate just a few dollars into the Karma Fund and we were able to take HEAPS of goodies down for all the pups that are currently in care at GDP. It was really just the BEST day for all of us and I definitely want to make it an annual tradition!

Karma had a yummy breakfast of chicken sausages and for dinner she had her very own BBQ of turkey burgers n steak! She was so happy she didn’t even mind wearing her birthday hat for a photo op!

She got lots of new toys for her birthday – a gorgeous new pink cheetah ball and a squeaky crocodile, and a beautiful new red bed!


Errrrrrrrrrrrrr……..  someone might have been a little too excited that it was their birthday – red bed didn’t last very long. Oooops…


THEN it was time for the most exciting thing of all – the anniversary trip down to Gosford Dog Paws to visit Elise and all the volunteers who give their time so selflessly to all these beautiful dogs. They saved my baby girl over a year ago from the most disgusting conditions and neglect and gave her so much love and attention that by the time she came into my life she truly had earned the name they had given her — “Precious”.

Of course on the way down (cause it’s a long drive!) we simply had to go thru the drive thru at McDonalds for some ‘second breakfast’.  Not a regular part of Karma’s diet of course, but I mean – it’s her birthday-rescue anniversary! We’re livin’ a little!!!


“I sure hope my human parents brought some cash….”


“Hi, can I please get the hashbrowns? “


“That was DELICIOUS, mum!!! Can I have another birthday tomorrow????”


AND THEN….. the most exciting part of the day….. dropping off all our donations and also getting to snuggle with the amazing Elise at Gosford Dog Paws.  YAY!!!!!!!




(anyone else notice how STRONG those back legs are??? No way this fur-kid could have done that move right there even three months ago!

Safe to say that I was fighting back tears of pride and happiness all day. It just isn’t possible for me to love this amazing dog any more – so full of staffy determination and forgiveness. She has a lesson inside of her that each and every one of us can learn from.

A massive thank you to everyone who made a donation to the Karma Fund, and of course I can never say thank you enough to Elise and everyone else at Gosford Dog Paws. They give chances to the dogs that so many other people would not. For every single person who feels that dogs that “aren’t perfect” or that have some issues should just be put down – I hope that hearing Karma’s story and seeing how happy she is and the happiness she brings to so many other people can perhaps change your mind.



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Happiness is all that matters….

It’s been awhile since we posted here as life took a different turn for us, but I wanted to share a new video that we took of our sweet little disabled girl playing by herself at the park. For anyone who has ever questioned why I would invest so much energy and time into this pup – her happiness is the answer. In the end, happiness is all that matters.


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Beach Day!!!

It’s pretty hard to describe the happiness in me when a dog I brought home nine months ago that could hardly get around our house and yard and had so much difficulty walking, and was so timid and scared of everything now runs and plays wild and free in the ocean waves…. I could not be more proud of how far my baby girl has come!


We put on her cute life vest to begin with, as I didn’t know how well she could balance when the waves would hit her but after twenty minutes of getting used to the scary waves, she was so confident and doing so great, off it went and she had so much fun! We even saw a good luck dolphin!

Karma’s first day at the beach! (video link)

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nope, this isn’t the one!!!



“Ok, maybe I could be a good karma witch….”


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It’s never too early to start picking out your Halloween costume!

Of course, our two expat cats Cleo & Mojo have had to put up with their American mum celebrating Halloween for their entire lives, but Halloween hasn’t quite caught on to the feverish pitch that it takes on in the States, so Karma was not as excited as mum about possible costumes.

First mum pushed the idea of a bunny, because really, is there anything as cute as your sweet as pie puppy with bunny ears?  Karma was less than thrilled about this…

bunny1 bunny2 bunny3 bunny4

HMMMMMMMMMMM………  not so crazy about the bunny costume, Karma?


And so, then I got into the actual spirit of Halloween. What do you dress up for on Halloween? The character that really you do NOT embody on an everyday basis! Something that is completely out of character, but let’s face it – when you are wearing that costume, you just look darn good. I approached Karma with this idea, and guess what? We have a winner!!!

I think she just makes the cutest Tasmanian Devil I’ve ever seen! Naturally we still have a few more weeks to try out some more ideas, but I think this one might be the “chicken dinner winner”!!!

"Do I look fierce, Mum?"

“Do I look fierce, Mum?”

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the little things in life


The last few weeks Karma has been strong enough to balance herself to look out the car window. Not a big deal for most dogs, but a major achievement for this pup. Oh to have a world of smells suddenly rushing past your nose! BLISS!!!


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Foot In Mouth….


Karma filling in for mum today – Oops! Mum didn’t quite know what to say, but we guess it’s a GREAT thing that TWICE in the last week while we’ve been at the park someone looked at my “I’m Disabled” label on my harness and they looked at mum and they asked HER “Are you disabled?” hee hee! Humans are funny! We can’t believe they asked that! But I am doing SO much better and really when I’m walking at the park you can hardly even notice other than my bum wiggles a bit more than other pups!


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