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nope, this isn’t the one!!!

“MUM I HATE THIS COSTUME!!!!” “Ok, maybe I could be a good karma witch….”

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Not a happy day…

My little sweet babygirl had to go in for dental surgery today, so any positive thoughts and warm wishes would be very appreciated. Her teeth were so broken and rotted out when she was first rescued, and she underwent a … Continue reading

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We have a little bone to pick

Ode to the woman we met walking her little energetic pup in the park (off lead). First, when we are out walking (on a lead) AND my pup is wearing her “I’m Disabled” harness, perhaps you could not let your … Continue reading

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It’s very difficult for me to write about or even think about the first year of Karma’s life. I know it must have been very difficult for her, and I know she went through some very dark and difficult days. … Continue reading

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